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Dr Duong Nguyen MPC

MD, FRCSC, MSc(ClinEpi), DipABOS, DipSportsMed(ABOS), FAAOS, CIME, DESS(c), DipSportMed(CASEM), Adjunct Clinical Professor - McMaster University

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Item Checklist Before Your Appointment at the Sports Medicine Clinic:


You   MUST bring the following to your appointment


1.  X-Rays (on a CD)

SHOULDER patients:    True AP of scapula + lateral + axillary views of the affected shoulder

ELBOW patients:           AP + lateral of affected elbow

KNEE patients:              Standing AP + lateral + skyline views of the affected knee


2. All Ultrasound, CT and MRI images (on a CD) with the radiologist’s report to the appointment


3.   A valid OHIP card (with up to date version code)


4.   A list of current medications from your pharmacy (if applicable)


5.   An English translator (if applicable)


6.   Female shoulder patients: a tank top


7.   Elbow patients: a short sleeve shirt

8.   Knee patients: a pair of shorts


Important Notes:


You must arrive 15 minutes before the appointment to fill out the required forms

Or please download the forms beforehand to fill them out prior to your visit

You MUST confirm the appointment at least 3 days prior to the given date:(416) 742-3736


Failure to attend the appointment will result in a cancellation fee billed directly to you


There is a fee for completion of insurance forms or work/school notes (not covered by OHIP), in accordance with standard Ontario Medical Association rates


Forms to download and fill out prior to your appointment: 

Medical History Form 2014.pdf


Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation Weblink to obtain more information (click on link below)