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Dr Duong Nguyen MPC

MD, FRCSC, MSc(ClinEpi), DipABOS, DipSportsMed(ABOS), FAAOS, CIME, DESS(c), DipSportMed(CASEM), Adjunct Clinical Professor - McMaster University

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Sports Medicine  Rounds



This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, approved by Duong Nguyen, MD, FRCSC (accredited RCPSC provider).
Participants may claim 1 MOC credit per hour. 

A weekly forum for discussion of current sports medicine topics amongst orthopaedic Surgeons, orthopaedic residents in training, sports medicine physicians, sports medicine residents in training, radiologists, clinical assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and any individual with a keen interest in furthering their knowledge of sports medicine.

Location: 2489 Bloor Street West, Suite 102. 7:45 AM.

Format: case based with journal club review of key scientific journal articles. MRI review by Dr. Josh Mamelak (musculoskeletal radiologist) and arthroscopic, surgical video demonstrations.



 Oct. 8th, 09

 Clavicle fractures: anatomy, surgical indications and functional outcomes

 Oct. 15th, 09

 First-time shoulder dislocation in the young contact athlete: to operate or not to operate?

 Oct.22nd, 09

 Physical examination of the knee: basic science review

Oct. 29th, 09

Elbow dislocation: physical examination and treatment

Nov. 5th, 09

Ankle sprains: anatomy, imaging & surgical treatment

 Nov. 12th, 09

Non-arthroplasty treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review of the literature

 Nov. 19th,09

 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in the clinic and operating room: does it speed up the healing process?

 Nov.26th, 09

 Shoulder Ultrasound Anatomy: is it a boy or a girl?  Part 1

 Dec. 3rd, 09

  Shoulder Ultrasound Anatomy: is it a boy or a girl?  Part 2

 Dec. 10th, 09

 Success of meniscal repair at ACL reconstruction

 Dec. 19th, 09

 Orthopaedic Residents Teaching Series: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports  Medicine (AOSSM) Medical Education Review Questions

 Dec. 24th, 31st

 Holiday Break

 Jan. 7th, 10

 Acromioclavicular joint injuries: orthopaedic resident mock oral exam and journal club

 Jan. 14th, 10

Multiligament Knee Injury: Acute Management & Reconstructive Techniques. Mock oral / journal club

 Jan. 21st, 10

 Elbow Posterolateral Instability in the Athlete. Orthopaedic Resident Mock Oral  Examination  & Journal Club

 Jan. 28th, 10
  7 PM

Guest Speaker Lecture Series: Dr. Augustus Mazzocca from the University of Connecticut Health Center. 
Topic: The basic and clinical evidence behind Platelet-Rich-Plasma Injections.

Jan. 28th, 10

Shoulder Multidirectional Instability: Current Concepts

 Feb. 4th, 10

 Minimally Invasive / Arthroscopic Management of Elbow OCD Lesions

 Feb. 11th, 10

 Patella Instability: Proximal Realignment Techniques / MPFL Reconstruction

 Feb. 25th, 10

 Shoulder Arthroplasty in the Young Patient with Arthritis

 Mar. 4th, 10

 Advanced Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Techniques

 March 11th, 10

 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. 

 March 17th, 10


 March 25th, 10

Basic Science Review: Muscle & Tendon Anatomy / Advanced Reconstruction & Tissue BioEngineering

 April 1st, 10

Orthopaedic Residents Teaching Series: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports  Medicine (AOSSM) Medical Education Review Questions

 April 8th, 10

The pursuit of anatomical perfection in ACL reconstruction: the case for anteromedial portal drilling for creation of the femoral tunnel

 April 11th, 10

 The scapula: anatomy & surgical approaches

 April 22nd, 10

Patella tendon ruptures in the athlete: modern, minimally invasive, stronger repair techniques

 April 26th, 10

Osteoarticular Transfer System (OATS) Procedure for Cartilage Defects of the Knee: Current Concepts

 May 6th, 10

The Acromioclavicular Joint

 May 13th, 10

Topographical & Biomechanical Considerations for Autologous Cartilage Transfers in the Knee

 May 20th, 10

Partial ACL Tears: Diagnosis & Selective Bundle Augmentation Techniques

 May 27th, 10

The role of arthroscopic lateral release in knee disorders: anatomy and systematic review of the literature

 May 31st, 10

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada Fellowship Examination 

 June 3rd, 10

The effect of ACL reconstruction & meniscectomy on length of career in professional athletes

 June 10th, 10

Arthroscopic management of the circumferential, 360 degrees, panlabral tear of the shoulder

 June 17th, 10

Combined cartilage repair & knee osteotomy in the athlete

 June 24th, 10

Posteromedial varus instability of the elbow in the athlete: the role of the anteromedial coronoid facet

 July 1st, 10


 July 8th, 10

 Summer Operating Room Shutdown

 July 22nd, 10

 Triceps tear in the athlete: principles of repair

 July 29th, 10

Reliability & validity of radiologic assessment of patellar instability

 August 4th, 10

Surgical repair of patella cartilage defects with autologous chondrocyte implantation

 August 12th, 10

 Growth plate sparing arthroscopic fixation of ACL avulsions in young athletes

 August 18th. 10

ACL reconstruction in pediatric athletes

Sep 2nd, 10

The overhead athlete part I : external impingement & rotator cuff tendinitis

 Sep 9th, 10

 The overhead athlete part II : internal impingement, labral tear & rotator cuff partial tears. The role of MRI arthrography & an individualized arthroscopic surgical approach

 Sep 16th, 10

Combined posterior cruciate ligament & posterolateral corner reconstruction in the athlete

 Sep 23rd, 10

Arthroscopic repair of HAGL (Humeral Avulsion of the Glenohumeral Ligaments) lesions of the shoulder

 Sep 30th,10

 University of Toronto Orthopaedic Residents Sports Medicine Exam Review

 Oct 7th, 10

 Proximal biceps rupture

 Oct 14th,10

 Complex revision ACL cases

 Oct 21st, 10

 MRI ofFoot and Ankle Sports Injuries - Presentation by Dr. Mamelak(Radiology)

 Oct 28th, 10

 MRI of Hip Sports Injuries - Presentation by Dr. Mamelak(Radiology)

 Nov. 18th, 10

Distal clavicle fractures in athlete: a question of length, ligament involvement, and need for augmentation

 Nov. 20th, 10

 Minimally invasive proximal biceps tenodesis

 Dec 2nd, 10

Augmentation of rotator cuff repair with Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP): what is the up to date evidence?

 Dec 9th, 10

 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Protocol Update: Major Event Coverage & Management of Sports Trauma

 Dec 15th, 10

 Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction: a paradigm shift in the management of patellar instability

 Dec 23-Jan 5th, 11

Holiday break

Jan 6th, 11

Sports concussion: update in management

 Jan 13th, 11

Nerve injuries in contact athletes

 Jan 20th, 11

Prevention of running injuries: a systematic review of the latest evidence

 Jan 27th, 11

Brachial plexus injury in the athlete

 Feb 3rd, 11

 Elbow arthroscopy: minimally invasive management of sports related injuries

 Feb 10th, 11

Elbow OCD lesions & loose bodies: arthroscopic techniques

 Feb 24th, 11

 Elbow ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction: Tommy John Surgery

 March 3rd, 11

 Shoulder Ultrasound: A Dynamic Solution to a Dynamic Problem - Live Demonstration by Dr. Josh Mamelak / Staff Radiologist

 March 10th, 11

 SLAP tears - To repair or tenodese, that is the question

 March 17th, 11

March Break

 March 24th, 11

Meniscal root avulsion tears: advanced arthroscopic repair techniques

 March 31st, 11

Distal biceps rupture: timing is the essence

 April 7th, 11

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI & MACI) for Patella Cartilage Defects

 April 14th, 11

Anatomic Tunnel Positioning in Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction

 April 21st, 11

Management of acute patella dislocations in the pediatric athlete

 April 26th, 11

A concise approach to thedifferential diagnosis of leg pain in athletes

 May 3rd, 11


Approach to hip pain in the athlete: current concepts

 May 10th, 11


 Computer navigated combined ACL reconstruction and realignment osteotomy

Synopsis: computer navigation has the potential for increased accuracy of the placement of the femoral and tibial tunnels as well as quantify the amount of residual translation/rotation

Both staged or combined ACL reconstruction and realignment ostetotomy are acceptable depending on the extent of cartilage defects, alignment, and instability

 May 17th, 11


Sports Medicine review: forefoot disorders
Synopsis: Mulder's sign is useful in the diagnosis of Morton's neuroma. Orthotics, therapy, injections, shoeware modifications, shockwave therapy are potentially effective non-surgical therapeutic options

 May 24th, 11


Hyaluronic acid viscosupplementation for cartilage defects: what is the current evidence? 

Synopsis: Hyaluronic acid injections are beneficial to relieve pain and restore function in patients with mild to moderate cartilage defects
Recent animal based studies have shown promising cartilage regrowth with combination of microfracture / marrow stimulation techniques + viscosupplementation

 May 31st, 11


Minimally invasive endoscopic fasciotomy for chronic exertional compartment syndrome

Synopsis: Endoscopic Assisted Minimally Invasive Compartment Release is a safe, cosmetic alternative to traditional extensile incisions.
Complete release of the deep posterior compartment including the tibialis posterior is critical for the success of the procedure

 June 7th, 11


Arthroscopic Assisted  Repair of Acute AC Joint Separations

Synopsis: An anatomical reconstruction of the CC ligaments using biological and time zero fixation has the highest rate of success

 June 14th, 11


Recreating the labral bumper in arthroscopic stabilization - the importance of proper tensioning

 June 21st, 11


Pectoralis major muscle rupture in athletes

 June 28th, 11


University of Toronto Orthopaedic resident end of rotation sports medicine examination

 July 5th, 11


Fly fishing shoulder injuries

 July 12th, 11


Cancelled. Dr. Nguyen is the Canadian Academy of Exercise/Sport Medicine in St-John's Newfoundland

 July 27th, 11


Does ACL reconstruction prevent arthritis? A critical analysis of the current literature 

 Aug 2nd,11


  'The art of revision ACL surgery: patient, imaging and technical factors'

 Aug 10th, 11


 Management of glenoid cartilage defects in the athlete

 Aug 24th, 11


 'Concomitant meniscus and ACL tears - shaking the dogma...'

 Sep 7th, 11


 Anteromedial vs. transtibial drilling in pediatric ACL reconstructions: effect on the growth plate

Sep 22nd, 11



Clinical Predictors of Foot Orthoses Efficacy inIndividuals with Patellofemoral Pain.

 Sep 29th, 11


Concise approach to the management of acute knee injuries in sports 

 Oct 6th, 11


The Lachman, McMurray, Pivot Shift, Posterior Drawer, Posterior Lateral/Medial Drawer, Dial, and Reverse Pivot Shift Tests to assess knee ligamentous injuries in the office setting: sensitivity and specificity

 Oct 20th, 11


 On ice management of hockey sports injuries

 Nov 3rd, 11


Management of acute proximal hamstring tears in the athlete

 Nov 10th,11


Hip Femoroacetabular Impingement: curren concepts

 Nov 17th,11


 'SLAP tear: the meniscus of the shoulder'

 Nov 25th,11


William Osler Grand Rounds - Department of Family Medicine. Managemeng of knee sports injuries: currrent concepts  

 Dec 1st,11


 'In clinic 3D motion analysis running assessment: an objective injury prevention tool'

 Dec 8th,11


 'Incorporating Pilates as part of the rehab armamentarium'‏

 Dec 15th,11


 'Plantar fascitis in athletes: what is the quickest cure?'

 Jan 5th, 12


 'Predictors of running injuries'‏

 Jan 13th, 12


Plasma rich platelet (PRP) injections for acute muscle injuries: current indications 

 Jan 19th, 12


Partial rotator cuff tears: plasma rich platelet injections vs. transtendon repair 

 Jan 26th, 12


Dr. Nguyen is teaching at the JOINTS (Joint Orthopaedic Initiative for National Trials of the Shoulder) / Canadian Orthopaedic Association course.

 Jan 31st, 12


TOS in sports medicine: navigating to the diagnosis 

 Feb 17th, 12


Hip adductor tears in professional football players 

 Feb 23rd, 12


Cases of the week: a multidisciplinary approach 

 Feb 28th, 12


Journal club: Predictive value of a painful popping sensation for a posterior root tear of the medial meniscus 

 Mar 8th, 12


Effectiveness of ACL tear prevention programs: a review of the current evidence

 Mar 22nd, 12


A systematic review of prophylactic braces in the prevention of knee ligament injuries in Collegiate football players

 Mar 29th, 12


 'ACL graft healing: the role of accelerated rehabilitation and biologic augmentation'

 April 5th, 12


Valgus knee injury: the spectrum of pathology and surgical management 

 April 13th, 12


The risk of anterior knee pain in bone-patellar-bone ACL reconstruction 

 April 19th, 12


Arthroscopic management of patella tendinopathy in the athlete 

 April 27th, 12


Shoulder ultrasound: the tool of the future 

 May 4th, 12 Soccer Related Maxillofacial fractures
 May 10th, 12  Osteo-Articular Transfer  System (OATS) procedure for cartilage defects of the knee
 May 17th, 12  Sports MedicineTrauma Series: minimally invasive arthroscopic-assisted fixation of fractures of the capitellum
 May 24th, 12  MCL & Posteromedial Corner Reconstruction for Medial Instability of the Knee in the Athlete 
 June 1st, 12  Pediatric/Adolescent Sports Medicine Series: arthroscopic management of the symptomatic os acromiale 
 June 7th, 12  'Pediatric/Adolescent Sports Medicine Series: Multidisciplinary Approach to Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome' 
 June 14th, 12  Posterolateral corner injury: surgical technique & rehabilitation principles 
 June 21st, 12  'Pediatric / Adolescent Sports Medicine Series: randomized controlled trial of splint vs cast for wrist fractures'‏ 
 June 28th, 12  Sports Medicine Trauma Series: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons consensus statement on the management of wrist fractures 
 July 13th, 12 

 'Pediatric Adolescent Medicine Series: Avulsion of the ASIS'

 July 19th, 12  Acupuncture as an adjunct therapy for knee pain in the athlete
 July 27th, 12  Sports Medicine Trauma Series: Spinal cord injury in Football 
 July 28th, 12  Dr. Nguyen is instructing at St-Michael's Hospital / Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course
August 3rd, 12   A systematic review on the treatment of acute ankle sprain: brace vs. taping 
August 9th, 12   Sports Medicine Trauma Series - Humeral Shaft Fractures:  brace vs. plating vs. intramedullary nailing
 August 16th,12  Ontario Summer Games Medical Coverage -  Injuries in Women's Lacrosse
 August 17th-19th, 12  Dr. Nguyen is covering the Ontario Summer Games  
August 30th, 12   'Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) for Sports related Concussions'‏ 
 September 6th, 12  ' All arthroscopic shoulder resurfacing for young patients with arthritis'  
 September 14th, 12  'Algorithm tool to identify female athletes at risk for anterior cruciate ligament injury'‏ 
 September 28th, 12  'Medial Patella Ligament Reconstruction for Patella Instability' 
 October 5th, 12   'The proximal biceps: anatomy, physical exam, and arthroscopic tenodesis'
 Oct 12th, 12  'Meniscal repair: the newest fixators and accelerated rehab protocols.
 Oct 16th, 12  'Rehabilitation and bracing after ACL reconstruction: a systematic review of the current evidence' 
 Oct 26th, 12  'Pediatric Sports Medicine Series: Tibial Tuberosity
Fractures - Arthroscopy & MRI ' 
 Nov 2nd, 12 

'Arthroscopic PCL avulsion fracture repair'‏

 Nov 9th, 12 

'Arthroscopic Reconstruction of Combined PCL & Posterolateral corner injuries'‏

 Nov. 14th, 12  'Revision Meniscal Repair: is there a role for biologic augmentation?'  
 Nov. 28th, 12  Arthroscopic repair of SLAP lesions of the shoulder in the athlete: indications & minimally invasive techniques 
 Dec. 7th, 12  2013: Current Concepts in ACL reconstruction 
Jan 11th, 13   Sports Medicine Surgery: the OsteoArticular Transfer System (OATS) cartilage repair procedure
 Jan 18th, 13  Pediatric Sports Medicine Series: PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) Reconstruction & Rehabilitation principles
 Jan 24th, 13  Family Medicine CME Education Series. Dr. Nguyen speaks on: 'Bracing for athletic knee injuries: current concepts'.  Brampton, ON. 12 pm
 Jan 24th, 13  Rehabilitation post ACL reconstruction in 2013: evidence based practice  
 Jan 28th, 13  'ACL avulsion fractures - anatomy, arthroscopic repair technique & rehabilitation' 
 Feb 8th, 13  'Management of ankle sprains in athletes: an evidence based clinical guideline' 
Feb 14th, 13  'Partial patella tendon tear:  arthroscopic repair + augmentation techniques' 
 Feb 20th, 13 Dr. Nguyen is giving a talk for the St-Joseph's Hospital Department of  Family Medicine Grand Rounds: 'Sports-related fractures: concise approach & role of accelerated healing techniques'
 Feb 21-23, 13 

Dr. Nguyen is teaching the Canadian Orthopaedic Association / Joint Initiative for National Trials of the Shoulder (JOINTS / Canada) course in Montreal / McGill University 


'Arthroscopic Repair Techniques for Shoulder Instability / Rotator Cuff Tear'

 March 8th, 13  'Elbow UCL reconstruction/ Tommy John Surgery - Arthroscopy as an Adjunct' 
 March 21st, 13  Dr. Nguyen is in Chicago at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 
March 28th, 13   Urgent Sports Injury Fracture Clinic Series: 'Part I: Live hands-on practice - application of short arm cast & cast removal for distal radius fractures' 
 April 5th, 13  Urgent Sports Injury Fracture Clinic Series: 'Part II: Live hands-on practice - application of short arm cast & cast removal for distal radius fractures'
 April 11th, 13 Urgent Sports Injury Fracture Clinic Series: 'Part III: Live hands-on practice - application of splints/short leg casts & cast removal for ankle fractures'
 April 25th, 13  ACL research series: the pivot shift test as an outcome measure post ACL reconstruction
 May 2nd, 13  Advanced taping techniques for acute sports injuries: part I 
 May 16th, 13 

Dr. Nguyen is speaking - Sports-related fractures:

2013 current concepts. 

Continuing Medical Education for Primary Care Providers


Synopsis: accurate recognition of fracture type and displacement as well as urgent management with either the correct cast or surgery will optimize patient outcome.


Location of the fracture line, force of the impact, mechanism of injury, bone involved, isolated vs. multi-limb involvement, amount of displacement/angulation, intra-articular extension, extent of comminution, integrity of the soft tissue envelope, presence of a neurovascular injury, and limb alignment are key factors in assessing sports fractures

 May 17th, 13 

Advanced taping techniques for acute sports injuries: part II  

Synopsis: Taping is an art and is tailored to the specific injury and patient complaint. A thorough understanding of the pathoanatomy and patient expectation will assist in the correct application of the tape.


May 31st, 13
 Shoulder sports rehabilitation: the stepwise approach to deciphering the black box
 June 6th, 13
 ACL injury prevention program: the keys to success
 June 8th, 13
 Dr. Nguyen volunteers at the PhysioPlus Pre-Participation Examination  / ACL Injury Prevention Clinic (12:30 pm - 5 PM)
 June 21st, 13
 Core and hip strength: the essential exercises for ACL rehabilitation success
 June 28th, 13
 Sports related concussions: the intricate link between the cervical spine and the brain. Presented by Sarah Symmes.
 July 20th, 13
 Dr. Nguyen is teaching Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) at St-Michael's Hospital
 July 21st, 13
 Sports Medicine Coverage: The Toronto Triathlon Festival. Ontario Place, Toronto. 
 July 25th, 13
 Meniscal Transplantation in the athlete:  a systematic review of the indications, surgical techniques and functional outcomes
 August 15th, 13
 The scapula in shoulder sports rehabilitation: the keys to success
 Sep 5th, 13
 Muscle injuries in athletes: the keys to safe return to play and prevention of recurrence
 Sep. 19th, 13
  Sports Rehabilitation Series: 'The Mulligan technique for joint mobilization'
 Oct. 10th, 13
 Dynamic unloader bracing for sports injuries of the knee: indications & review of the literature
 Oct 17th, 13
 Dynamic bracing for ACL sports injuries in female athletes:  current concepts
 Oct 24th, 13
 The keys to a successful rehabilitation program after sports injuries
 Nov 5th, 13
 Integrating the Star Excursion Test in the ACL rehabilitation program
 Nov 21st, 13
 Hyaluronic acid injections for sports injuries of the knee: the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Consensus statement and a review of the literature
 Nov 27th, 13
 Sports Rehabilitation Series: Incorporating modalities in ACL rehabilitation
 Dec 5th, 13
  Sports Rehabilitation Series: Manual Therapy Soft Tissue Techniques
 Dec 12th, 13
 Use of modalities in rehabilitation: indications and review of the literature
 Dec 19th, 13
  Guidelines for Knee / ACL rehabilitation: myths vs science
Jan 10th, 14

Yoga: the benefits & risks for patients with shoulder & knee injuries
 Jan 15th, 14
  Urgent Sports Injury & Fracture Clinic: Management of the Acute Knee (ACL & Meniscus)
 Jan 23rd, 14
  Urgent Sports Injury & Fracture Clinic: Management of the Acute Shoulder (labral tear & instability)
 Jan 30th, 14
  Knee / ACL Rehabilitation: Final Preparation Exercises & Tests for Return to Play
 Jan 31st, 14
  Dr. Nguyen is presenting at the Ontario Medical Association SportsMed 2014 Annual Meeting. Toronto, Ontario.
' Open vs arthroscopic shoulder labral repair: a meta-analysis'

 Feb 6th, 14
 Sports Rehabilitation Series: Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques after Shoulder Surgery
 Feb 14th, 14
 A New Knee Ligament -  the AnteroLateral Ligament (ALL): Surgical Anatomy & Clinical Implications
Feb 19th, 14
 Sports Rehabilitation Series: Foot / Ankle 101 (taping/strengthening, instrinsics, tibialis posterior, and achilles tendon)
 Feb 28th, 14
 Management of knee meniscal injuries in athletes: timing is the essence
 Mar 6th, 14
  Sports Rehabilitation Series: Incorporating Yoga in rehabilitation of the athlete post knee / ACL surgery
 April 3rd, 14
 Allograft versus autograft ACL knee reconstruction: a review of the literature
 April 11th, 14
 Sports Rehabilitation Series: Final stages of ACL rehabilitation: fine tuning and return to play training
 April 25th, 14
 Sports Rehabilitation Series - Knee: Soft Tissue Manual Therapy Techniques for Lateral Knee Pain Post- ACL Reconstruction
 May 15th, 14
 End stages of shoulder post-surgical rehabilitation: scapula, plyometrics, sports simulation and return to sports criteria.
 May 30th, 14
 Sports Rehabilitation Series - Shoulder: Acupuncture Techniques in Post-Surgical Rehab
 June 3rd, 14
 Dr. Nguyen is presenting: 'Shoulder surgery in 2014'. WOHS Day Surgery
 June 19th, 14
 Dr. Nguyen is presenting a poster at the Canadian Orthopaedic Association / American Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting in Montreal.
'Arthroscopic vs. Open Labral Repair for Shoulder Instability: A Meta-Analysis'

 June 21st, 14
  Dr. Nguyen is presenting a poster at the Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine / Federation Internationale Medecine Sportive Annual Meeting in Montreal.
'Arthroscopic vs. Open Labral Repair for Shoulder Instability: A Meta-Analysis'
 July 17th, 14
 Running gait analysis for the post-surgical ACL knee patient: live demonstration
 July 20th, 14
 Dr. Nguyen is presenting and instructing at the Osler Institute Orthopedic Surgery Review. Chicago, Illinois
 July 24th, 14
  Effective taping techniques for the injured and post-surgical knee
 Aug 7th, 14
  End Stage Exercises for Shoulder Injuries
 August 21st, 14
  Manual Therapy Techniques for Shoulder Impingement”.
 August 28th, 14
  Manual Therapy and Exercise Prescription for Knee OA
 Sep 18th, 14
  The Harvest SmartPReP 2 System for PRP Injections.
 Oct 9th, 14
  Speed & Agility Ladder Drills for Return to Sports
 Oct 23rd, 14
  Sports Rehabilation Series: Effective Yoga Stretches
 Oct 30th, 14
  The Modified Sleeper Stretch and Modified Cross-body Stretch to Increase Shoulder Internal Rotation Range of Motion in the Overhead Throwing Athlete
 Nov 7th, 14
  Sports Rehabilitation Series: Manual Therapy Techniques
 Dec 4th, 14
 Physical examination of the knee: what is the best test for ACL tears? 
 Feb 7th, 2015
 Nguyen Sports Medicine Annual Symposium. Boulevard Club, Toronto, ON.
35 speakers. 196 Registered Attendees. 

Click on link below for program:

 Feb 13th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is speaking at the Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine Annual Meeting.Westin Hotel. Ottawa, ON.
' Allograft ACL reconstruction in patients over 35 years of age: a cost-utility analysis'
 Feb 27th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is teaching the McMaster University Family Medicine Residents.

' Knee Physical Examination Skills / Shoulder & Knee Injection Techniques: Hands-on & Model Instruction
 April 23-25th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is presenting at the Arthroscopic Association of North America Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, CA.

ACL Reconstruction: An Economic Analysis of Hamstring Autograft vs. Allograft in Patients Over 35 Years of Age

 April 28th, 2015
 Sports Series: Approach to the acute knee injury in athlete.
 May 15th, 2015
 Algorithm for the management of the acute shoulder injury in athletes: a step by step systematic approach
 May 25th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is speaking at the William Osler Heath System / Department of Family Medicine Rounds
Approach to the acute knee ACL tear in the pediatric athletic patient

 June 19-20th, 2015
  Dr. Nguyen is presenting at the Canadian Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC.

ACL Reconstruction: An Economic Analysis of Hamstring Autograft vs. Allograft in Patients Over 35 Years of Age
 June 24th, 2015
  Dr. Nguyen is presenting at the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Providence, RI.

ACL Reconstruction: An Economic Analysis of Hamstring Autograft vs. Allograft in Patients Over 35 Years of Age
 July 18-19th, 2015
  Dr. Nguyen is speaking at the Osler Institute. Chicago, IL.

'Current Concepts in Orthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine'

 July 25th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is teaching ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) at St-Michael's Hospital. Toronto, ON. 
 Nov 16th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is teaching at the National Board of Medical Examiners in Philadelphia.

American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons / Sports Medicine Certification Standard Setting

 Dec. 4th, 2015
 Dr. Nguyen is giving a talk on the outcomes of ACL reconstruction at the annual Clearwater Arthroscopy Meeting. 
 Jan 30th, 2016
 Dr. Nguyen is speaking in Austin, Texas on the management of ligament and cartilage defects in the knee.
 Feb. 6th, 2016
 NSM 2nd Annual Sports Medicine Symposium. Toronto, ON. 
Feb 8th, 2016
  Journal Club Sports Medicine Series: A new classification system for biceps pulley lesions of the shoulder
 April 4th, 2016
 Sports Medicine Case of the Month: avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter in a pediatric 16 y.o. hockey player - Treatment Strategies
 April 11th, 2016
 Sports Medicine Case of the Month: Tillaux-Chaput fracture of the ankle in a pediatric 15 y.o. football player
 Feb 23rd, 2017
 Rehab series: 1. ACL rehabilitation: current concepts in 2017     2. Shoulder physical examination tests: sensitivity and specificity
 March 2nd, 2017
 Shoulder series: subcoracoid impingement - anatomy & clinical implications
 March 31st, 2017
  Rehab series: surgical vs. non-surgical management of achilles tendon ruptures. Review of the literature.
 April 1st, 2017
  Dr. Nguyen is instructing at the CASEM sports medicine examination prep course. University of Toronto Rehab.
 April 11th, 2017
  Dr. Nguyen is lecturing at the University of Toronto / Sports Medicine Rounds.

Concise approach to ligamentous injuries of elbow and knee in the athlete: current concepts in 2017
 April 14th, 2017
 Journal Club series - the effect of local anesthetic injections in the knee on cartilage
 May 11th, 2017
 Multimodal, Multidisciplinary Management of Cartilage Defects of the Knee: cortisone, HA, PRP, Stem Cells, Meniscal Repair & Cartilage Restoration- Thursday May 11th, 7 pm. Toronto, ON. Bay/Adelaide.
 May 12th, 2017
 Journal Club Series: SPECT CT as a diagnostic imaging modality post ACL reconstruction
 June 1st, 2017
  Multimodal, Multidisciplinary Management of Cartilage Defects of the Knee: cortisone, HA, PRP, Stem Cells, Meniscal Repair & Cartilage Restoration- Thursday June 1st, 7 pm
 June 21st, 2017
 Journal club series:
Single vs. double row rotator cuff repair
Knotted vs. knotless anchors
The medial row linkage: biomechanical review and implication

 June 26th, 2017
 Journal club series - arthroscopic portal skin closure techniques
 June 30th, 2017
  Journal club series - double row rotator cuff repair anchor systems: current concepts
 Oct 7th, 2017
 Journal club series - Foot progression angles during landing & ACL injury risk: toe in or toe out, that is the question.